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The website

The internet site will be the pivotal point of the project.  By subscribing to this site, the viewers can live the trip around the world with Géraldine in real time. Every three days, the internet site will be updated with new stories, pictures and sound material. However, this goes beyond a mere roadbook. Users of this internet site   will be taken to the other end of the world through pictures, film and sound bites. The number of different media involved allows the different topics to be presented in highly diversified forms, each adapted to the subject. This means that the magical colours of India can be discovered via a photo documentation, the traditional feast can be discovered on sound bite and the encounter with an outstanding local personality on film.
This internet site will also give you practical tips and suggestions concerning travelling, recommend addresses, provide maps and weather forecasts, you can make your pick of the day.

By subscribing to a newsletter, the internet user will be notified of every new update, so that he or she doe not miss a single stage of the world trip. A forum gives the users the possibility to  chat to each other, to Géraldine and the team at the base in France.

TV, radio, newspaper

The internet site will be at the heart of this project, but by no means the only means of broadcasting. You will also be able to catch up with Géraldine’s latest adventures on the radio. In a regular slot on a partner radio station, the listener will be able to catch up with the latest events during this adventure. This will be interactive, so the listener will be able to get in touch with Géraldine at the other end of the world and discuss her latest adventures.

Apart from this, regular reports will give updates on Géraline’s trip.

On TV, Géraldine will be presenting programmes of different types.

‘The documentary: The world is your oyster’ will focus on a particular destination and present it  in a fifty-two-minute documentary. Being broadcast on a monthly basis, Géraldine will give us an account of her latest adventures and the places she crossed that month.

Although not being a true reality- show, this programme will give the viewer the opportunity to live every moment of the world trip as it happens, be it incidents during  everyday life, aspects of history or the experiences during a local cookery course. She will for example discover the secrets of a Khmer temple with all its historical background and then cut to a sequence where she tries to find a quiet spot for the night or enrol sin a cookery course.

On the other hand, the viewer can catch up with the project on a daily basis, by viewing short TV reports. These features will focus on issues touched upon in the documentary but that can be discussed in more depth in a shorter, independent report.

Those two-minute reports will each feature a recent discovery, a precise moment at the destination of that month. They will be divided up into reports and postcards. The viewer will be able to catch up with Géraldine on a daily basis in a travel show on a discovery channel or by viewing a  shorter clip on a general-interest TV channel. These updates can thus be viewed in various forms on a daily basis, calling upon a large audience.