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What is a traveller in general?

It is someone who goes to the end of the world
looking for some conversation. (Jules Barbey)

“Sur les chemins du monde” (The world is your oyster) is a multi-media project to discover the world with Géraldine Carême and Yann Figuet.

In order to fully appreciate a country, you have to savour it, eat it, drink it, hear it singing.’ (Michel Déon)

Driving the legendary 1969 Citroën HY, Géraldine Carême and Yann Figuet set off for a trip around the world to discover the peoples of this planet, share some exceptional moments, unveil the most impressive sights and reveal long-lost traditions of far-away countries. The viewers is able to share our experiences instantly and to the full, via TV, radio, internet and the written word.

One of the greatest misfortunes of this world is the lack of the unexpected, the absence of adventure. (Théophile Gaultier)

Being a bit of globetrotters, Géraldine and Yann share their daily experiences. In our legendary van, We take you close to the local population, eat in guesthouses, and stroll through  colourful markets. “Sur les chemins du monde” is not a mere tourist project- it’s an adventure! It is an adventure that allows the viewer to travel the world, together with Géraldine and Yann.

It’s only when you lose track of your initial plan that you allow for surprises; it is now and only now, that the journey starts.’ (Nicolas Bouvier)

Surprises and revelations will be part of Géraldine and Yann's daily experiences. The camera and the microphone will always be there, with them, to capture the moment on film, sound, picture. From the most extraordinary to the most difficult- every moment will be recorded, be it their car breaking down in the middle of a deserted road, on potholed roads, the raging monsoon rains or when the tourist illness lingers

The editorial line of the project focuses on travelling, culture, economy, history- a blend of genres reflecting each country and its attractions.
“Sur les chemins du monde” is a new programme, a way of escaping the ordinary, a window to the world that awakes your senses.