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Hachille.... spelled with an H if you don’t mind.

Hachille, a real 1968 Citroyen type HY72, is going to be Géraldine’s travelling mate during this world tour! It used to be France’s most used utility vehicle. Used as national police vehicle, on the one hand, or transport van for small businesses, on the other hand, the famous Type H, which is often called Tub, experienced its hours of glory between 1948 and 1981.

mis à jour le 17/02/2006
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How can you travel around the world in such an old car, you might ask?
Well, the choice came quickly when the production team wondered about the maintenance of a vehicle travelling around the world. The basic mechanics as those used in a Hachille are much easier to handle and repair than the mechanics of a modern car, stuffed with electronics that no mechanic in the world can repair.

Yes, but still the van is 36 years old .....

After having gone through the hands of a few old mechanic fanatics, the Hachille is as good as new! A great applause to Etienne, the project leader who, with a little help of his friends, spent hours welding, cutting and sawing to make the Hachille nicer and more agile than ever. Many thanks to Jacques, interior design leader, who created the interior furnishing, or, to put it more accurately, who made the Hachille inhabitable. This house on wheels, generally known as a camping car, is equipped with sophisticated technology in order to make the whole team’s life and work as easy as possible. The on-board equipment even challenges that of the most modern vehicles:
-Complete electrical autonomy provided by two cabin batteries and one vehicle battery.
-Solar panels (2x 80W)
-Power generator
-Double petrol tank (total of 120 litres)
-GPS System with integrated World software
-Complete living equipment: fridge, cooker, sink, shower, toilet and 60 litres of clean water.

Communication equipment including:
-Satellite telephone inmarsat
-Satellite broadband internet inmarsat
-Satellite iridium phone
-Mobile phone

However, from the outside Hachille still keeps its childlike appearance, except for a few alterations necessary to adapt the car to the street conditions that Géraldine will encounter around the world.